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Hellenic Indigeneity Does Not Constitute a Right. It's a Privilege

Θέλω να ευχαριστήσω τον συμπολεμιστή Πελασγό, φοιτητή του εξωτερικού, ο οποίος παρά τον φόρτο εργασίας του, έχει μεταφράσει στα αγγλικά πολλά κείμενα του ΕθνικοΑπελευθερωτικού Αγώνος. 

Μόνον έτσι μπορούμε να γνωστοποιήσουμε τον Εθνικό Αγώνα και να αποκτήσουμε διασυνδέσεις με κινήματα του εξωτερικού. Η Επανάσταση για όσους θέλουν να αποκαλούνται επαναστάτες, είναι μία καθημερινή εργασία, και μάλιστα χωρίς 8ωρο, χωρίς αργίες, χωρίς ασφαλιστική κάλυψη, χωρίς πληρωμή υπερωριών. 

Όποιος ξενόγλωσσος συμπολεμιστής θέλει ο ΕθνικοΑπελευθερωτικός Αγών να διογκωθεί πρέπει να βοηθήσει στις μεταφράσεις βιβλίων και άρθρων. Θέλουμε μεταφράσεις από έργα ευρασιανιστών όπως του Nikolay Danilevsky, θέλουμε μεταφράσεις από έργα γερμανών γεωπολιτικών όπως του Friedrich Ratzel, και χρειαζόμαστε πάση θυσία ένα δίκτυο μεταφραστών που να μεταφράζει άρθρα του ΕθνικοΑπελευθερωτικού Αγώνος σε πολλές γλώσσες επί καθημερινής βάσεως. 

Ευχαριστούμε και πάλι τον συμπολεμιστή Πελασγό, για τις μεταφράσεις.
Several well-intentioned citizens pose to me the question of whether a fellow citizen with a mother or father of foreign race is a Hellene.
Kalliope Iris met me at my recent speech in Piraeus, and she posed the following questions:

If an ancestor of a Hellene was a foreigner 6-7 generations ago, does this influence whether she is a "pure" Hellene?  Does a Hellene betray Hellas if she has a love affair with a foreigner?  If a brilliant inventor of Hellenic and French descent wanted to offer his inventions to Hellas, would we have to refuse?  Finally, she asks me whether I would prohibit Hellenes from having love affairs with people of foreign race, so long as I hold authority.

Because such questions arise constantly, I ought to make my position clear.
Whoever argues like Kalliope, tacitly uses the individual and the present as constituents of Hellenism.  That is to say, he/she focuses on the individual instead of the aggregate.  On the present, rather than the past and the future.
I will argue based on the social aggregate, gazing at the past and the future of the Hellenic Nation.

1. Hellenic indigeneity is not a flag of convenience.  It is not a publicly held shipping company where the ships change flags overnight.
In order for us to have a future as a nation, we must know who we are, from where we originate, and where we're aiming.
If we name anyone who happened to be born in Hellas a Hellene, then we adopt the right of the soil, and we convert our land into a multiracial, multinational and multicultural garbage dump.
2. A nation exists when an aggregate of people has common biological and cultural roots, elements that lead to a common national consciousness.  When these bonds are broken or when people of foreign race are assimilated, then state constructs such as Turkey and the United States of America are created.  These lands use the term "nation", but they are not nations. They are state constructs that try to create an artificial nationality.
3. We, as Hellenes, do not want to assimilate foreign peoples and cultures.  Nor do we want to be assimilated by foreign peoples and cultures.
If we accept the assimilation of people of foreign race because they declare themselves patriots, then we will accept the assimilation of Hellenic expatriates abroad because they declare themselves patriots there.  We do not want our brethren living abroad to be assimilated.

Will we adopt our ethno-racial mutilation as an official foreign policy in order to satisfy some people of foreign race who declare themselves Hellenes?
The great crime that will be committed against our Nation if we adopt the right of the soil, does not only stop in that people of foreign race will receive Hellenic indigeneity.  The worst is that those Hellenic expatriates who live abroad will be regarded as foreigners, pursuant to the right of the soil.  Our Northern Epirotian brethren are regarded as Albanians by our treasonous, anti-Hellenic state.
4. Miscegenation creates problems of vitality and intelligence in the Hellenic Nation.  The Hellenes are viewed objectively and historically as a highly intelligent people.  If we allow the admixture with people of foreign race, apart from our Hellenic diversity, our Hellenic spiritual and racial superiority will also be destroyed.
It's obvious that those who say, "and if my great grandfather was a foreigner, what does it matter?", have not comprehended the issue of biological and cultural diversity of each people.  And obviously they do not accept that there are superior and inferior races, something that comes in stark contrast with Nature and science.
5.  Let's say that a Hellene has a child with a foreign woman.  When that child grows up, it won't have a problem intermingling with a person of foreign race and bringing a child into the world.  The grandson/granddaughter of the initial Hellene will now have 25% Hellenic blood.  If the admixture continues, and if done in large numbers, not a trace will be left of the Hellenic Race.
In the argument, "although so-and-so is a foreigner, he/she is a much better patriot than many Hellenes", I respond that this does not ensure us who he/she will procreate with in the future.  Why would a man of Polish and Hellenic descent, for example, have the affinity to preserve the Hellenic biological and cultural elements from the moment he originates from an admixture?
It's more likely that he'll intermingle with a woman of foreign race.  No one can convince us that a person of Hellenic and Chinese descent, for example, from a Hellenic father and a Chinese mother, will be interested in preserving the Hellenic Race.  Nor will he/she be interested in the continuity of the Hellenic Civilization.  He/she may respect the Hellenic Civilization, but only as a museum piece.  There will always be within him/her the Chinese cultural element by 50%.
Therefore, the term "Hellene" for the mongrels acquires a geographical and cosmopolitan identity.
For Hellenism to be rescued from such admixture, we must assume that there exists a political regime which will prohibit the mongrel who received Hellenic indigeneity/citizenship from procreating with a person of foreign race.  So that after 4-5 generations, the amount of foreign blood in the descendants will have been reduced.
I very much doubt whether those who pose the question, "but the so-and-so foreigner is a good patriot, why shouldn't we give him/her indigeneity?", would sign a law that requires the mongrel to avoid intermingling with people of foreign race, under the threat of the loss of the acquired indigeneity/citizenship.
And besides, how would it be possible?  The one who asks me to give indigeneity to the people of foreign race, to accept that the person of foreign race or the mongrel will be required to respect Hellenic endogamy.
Obviously, he/she will support the erotic intermingling of each Hellene with whomever he/she wants.
6.  There is no statistical evidence that the half foreigner-half Hellene will acquire a Hellenic consciousness.  He/she may very well acquire a foreign consciousness.  If the mother of a fellow citizen was a Turk and the father a Hellene, how do we know that he/she will acquire a Hellenic, patriotic consciousness instead of a Turkish one?  And why should we get into the process of giving him/her indigeneity, only later to suspect him/her?
7.  As Hellenes by genus, we constantly make references to our Ancestors.  Whether we're talking about Alexander the Great, or about Herakleitos, or about Odysseas Androutsos, or about Pavlos Melas.  We honor them.  We want to resemble them.
To which ancestors will the Hellenized foreigner attribute honors?  Which ancestors will a person of Hellenic and Romanian descent want to resemble?
Some fellow citizens of ours treat national issues entirely superficially.  If we regard a Hellene someone with a Bulgarian father and a Hellenic mother, will we allow him to be admitted to the Evelpidon Military Academy and to serve in Thrace?  Will we allow him to enlist in the Hellenic secret services?
If we allow it, we activate a time bomb in the foundations of the Hellenic Nation.  If we don't allow it, having given indigeneity to people of foreign race, then we create second-class citizens, without equal rights.
That is to say, we get into vicissitudes because some people treat the issue of indigeneity trivially.
8.  Even if we assume that some people with one Hellenic parent become good patriots, the question of numbers arises.  How many mongrels will we give indigeneity to?  Will we set a numerical limit, or will we promote miscegenation as in the U.S.A.?
History teaches that if there is a significant amount of people of foreign race in one land, then it is prone to foreign political interventions.  That is to say, we create minority issues out of nowhere, and consequently the right of military intervention by foreign lands.
If the people of foreign race with Hellenic indigeneity/citizenship originate from bordering states, and if they indeed reside on the borders, then a most serious issue of National security arises.

Therefore, those who argue on the basis of, "I have a childhood friend from a foreign mother, but he is a good patriot", obviously are not acquainted with geopolitical science or history.
9.  One of the erroneous, tacit admissions of those who are indifferent to issues of racial origin, is that the foreigners who come to Hellas and declare themselves patriots, will be assimilated and will become good Hellenes.
The case of us being assimilated into them, doesn't cross their minds.
History teaches that there are communities that not only do not get assimilated, but instead try to assimilate the surrounding majority.  Such communities are presently the Islamic ones.
There exists an issue of cultural incompatibility.  There is another problem that does not seem to interest those who support the foreigners who want to acquire Hellenic indigeneity.  Will they become Hellenes based on our terms, or according to their own?  Because so far, they become "Hellenes" based on their terms.
10.  The criminal record and the medical history of those illegal colonizers who invaded Hellas does not seem to greatly interest those who support the acquirement of indigeneity by the people of foreign race.
Nor are they interested in the unemployment they cause the Hellenes.  Nor if the Hellene wants them in his/her country.  The main focus of the discussion so far is what the foreigner wants.  If the foreigner wants to acquire indigeneity/citizenship, the Hellene had to accept it.  They never asked the Hellene whether he/she wants the foreigner in Hellas.
Therefore, we're talking about colonization, rather than the acquirement of indigeneity/citizenship by foreign "Hellenic" patriots.
11.  Someone could object and claim that there will be a selective process, and that there won't be a massive Hellenization of foreigners.  This is a comical argument because by doing a selective process, it signifies that as a State you are implementing elementary principles of eugenics.  Such as intelligence quotient, ethno-racial origin, state of health, cultural compatibility, level of education, age of applicant.
So long as the treasonous regime in which we live doesn't implement principles of eugenics in the Hellenic population, there is no way they'll be applied to foreigners who request Hellenic indigeneity/citizenship.  They cannot convince us that they will do a qualitative selection of foreigners, when they don't even apply eugenics among Hellenes.
12.  Citizenship is one thing, and indigeneity is another.  Those who argue in favor of the foreigners, expunge this significant difference.  The subject of indigeneity does not even arise, because it is associated with the Blood.  If we identify indigeneity with citizenship, the definition of the Hellene changes and is identified only with the soil.
Race, ancestors, psyche, creed, history, civilization -- everything is erased in order to satisfy the person of foreign race who seeks Hellenic indigeneity.  Which is hubris!
Illegal colonization, quantity, quality, cultural compatibility, criminal record, medical history, origins from bordering states of the foreigners, are issues that don't concern those who want Hellenic indigeneity/citizenship to be given to the foreigners.
13.  For someone to be called a Hellene, an evolutionary effort spanning thousands of years by our Ancestors was required.  One lifetime is not enough.  Our Hellenic Ancestors kept their psyche and blood pure for centuries, in order for the following generations to have the right to call themselves Hellenes.
It is not permitted of Hellenes to promote a Europe of the nations, because by this we equalize the Hellenic Nation with the non-Hellenic nations.  The Hellenic Nation was set by the Gods as an instructor, not a laggard of the nations.  It transcends the other nations.  It stands out.  It is unique and it has exclusive privileges.  This is why it ought to stand separate from the other nations.
Hellenic Indigeneity is a privilege, and not a right.
I have cited my stance on the acquirement of Hellenic Indigeneity.  I consider it an insult for it to be given to people of foreign race.  To the questions posed by Kalliope Iris, I respond that any Hellene that procreates with people of foreign race destroys the Hellenic biological and cultural distinctiveness.  When I have the authority, I will turn miscegenation into a felonious criminal offense.
If an inventor of Hellenic and French descent wants to give his inventions to the Hellenic state, he can do so with financial recompense.  I do not intend on making Hellenic indigeneity an object of transaction.  If he is worthy as a citizen, he can receive Hellenic citizenship.  Never the Hellenic indigeneity.
If a Hellene, be it man or woman, has some foreign ancestor some generations back, as also shown by my analysis, it will be examined as an individual matter.  But under no circumstances will we go from the partial to the general.  That is to say, if Hellenic indigeneity/citizenship is acquired by an individual with a foreign ancestor, it will not constitute a precedent for all cases.
But in regard to the Hellenic Priesthood of our Ancestral Gods, the existence of a foreign ancestor is not permitted. A detailed genealogical tree must be observed and the ancestry of our Priests and Priestesses must be undefiled. 

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