Saturday, June 13, 2015

Foreign embassies promote homosexuality in Hellas

Κοινή δήλωση 13 πρεσβειών για το Athens Perversity Pride

Our answer to those embassies which interfere with our Society:  
Foreign embassies promote homosexuality in Hellas. The following embassies are responsible for promoting perversity in the Hellenic Republic:
Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Ireland, Israel, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden.
To the peoples of the World
Political soldier, you never remained silent before eternal stigma. When humanity was in danger from the moral filth, you never retreated. You never allowed evil to take roots in society. Moral stain must be cleansed eternally. 
Never forget. Never forgive. Never appease tyranny. Never tolerate corruption. Never retreat against homocrimes. Never appease hatred against family and tradition. Wickedness will never prevail.
This is a global war about the definition of evil. He who wins, defines evilness and writes the official version of history. Woe to the vanquished! The winner takes it all. Anyone identifying Hellenism with homosexuality must be annihilated; not persecuted. All western movie filth must be banished along with homosexual propaganda, which tries to redefine marriage and family relations.

We redefine diversity; it’s the diversity of opinions, not the perversity of behaviors. All free nations of the world must criminalize perversity and wage global culture war on the western paradigm, which tries to impose on us the extermination of the family. All minorities, nations, peoples, religions, states, cultures, races, feel threatened by the western affront to Gods and Nature.
All nations must ally and fight the absolute evil. Homosexual promoters encourage the persecution, defamation, and murder of those who oppose their wickedness. Any promotion of homosexuality interferes with our national security, not just morality. It’s not about human rights. It’s about collective survival of the nation.

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