Saturday, November 28, 2015

Need to weaponize all physical and social parameters

In order for humanity to avoid repetition of the cultural and ethnic genocide that took place all over the world with the ascending of christianity and islam; and to win the war against monotheistic terrorism, we must weaponize junk food, abortions, illegal immigration, energy and electricity, banking monetary policies, public debt, homosexuality, mongrelization, human rights, contraception and reproduction, art, religion, history, schooling, water, medicine/drugs/diseases, internet and social media, tv and radio, animals, weather conditions, sewage systems, time and space, crime and networks.

At the highest level of weaponization, we must weaponize irrationality and unreality.

Every physical and social parameter must be weaponized and used ruthlessly against the enemy.

Weapons of mass migration: forced displacement, coercion and foreign policy

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