Monday, December 2, 2013

Enlistment Invitation for the Building of the Political Body of the National Revolution

The hours pass, our enemies encircle us, and we're still unorganized.  As a nation, great trials await us.  The events have surpassed us.

The Hellenic people happen to be politically bareheaded.  The bourgeois parties (N.D., PA.SO.K., DIM.AR.) have betrayed the Fatherland and the People.  The left (K.K.E., SY.RIZ.A., ANT.AR.SY.A.) has obvious weaknesses in national issues.  It treats them with a disdainful manner.  Even worse, SY.RIZ.A., despite its 27% in the last elections, cannot give a solution to the socio-economic problem of our People, from the moment it openly commits itself in favor of the euro.  It tries to hide behind meaningless slogans like "termination of the memorandum".

The Independent Greeks don't have a fighting pulse, nor a demeanor that of a movement.  They are satisfied with parliamentary shouting.  They are not interested in doing something in favor of the Fatherland and the People.

Golden Dawn had characteristics that of a movement, but it converted into a far-right party.  It suffers from blind anti-communism and anti-leftist fury.  It is unable to give a solution to the socio-economic problem of the People, since it vows its faith in the euro and the European Union.  It clashes with a number of gangs of illegal immigrants, but it is unable to, and doesn't want to, clash with the 4th Reich. 

The two parties of the "extremes", SY.RIZ.A. and Golden Dawn, say no to the memorandum, but in practice they don't do anything to stop it.  Furthermore, these two parties are not revolutionary.  They don't have the human resources that would clash with the foreign occupier.

The left wing of our political spectrum limps along in national issues.  The right wing limps along in social issues.  Our People remain defenseless.

At the moment there is no political body with characteristics that of a subversive movement, that would dynamically defend national claims together with social rights.  There is an enormous political vacuum.  National-communalism is not being represented by an organized political force.

As a nation, we are facing the danger of extinction.  Surrounding us are dangers which we are obligated to exterminate mercilessly.  Neo-liberalism is causing economic genocide and the emigration of young Hellenes abroad.  We are suffering from a low birth rate, which engenders a huge problem for our national security.  Multiculturalism promotes illegal immigration and the colonization of our Fatherland.  Neo-Ottomanism in alliance with Albanian irredentism threatens our territorial integrity.  Judeo-Christianity and Islamic terrorism threaten our cultural identity.  Globalization and the E.U. threaten the status of the Hellenic nation-state.  The millions of Hellenic expatriates living abroad are threatened with assimilation into foreign peoples and cultures.

Our response must be relentless.

I extend an invitation for the building of the political body of the National Revolution.

Our political body will be governed by four basic axes: national, social, Hellenocentric, revolutionary.  The national axis, because at the center of our political processes will be the Nation of the Hellenes.  The social axis, because the identification with the popular interest will bring us to a head-on clash with the memorandum-imposing, Greek-speaking gang of bandits.  Hellenocentric, because our cultural identity emanates from the ancient Hellenic civilization.  Revolutionary, because the struggle of National Liberation cannot materialize within the constricting frameworks of the occupational legality.

Our ideal is a perpetual war for the collective survival of the People, for the cultural and biological continuity of the Hellenic Nation, for the territorial expansion of the Fatherland, for a clash with the occupiers and the slaughterers of our enslaved brothers.  The purpose of the state that we will build will not be limited to the enjoyment of life and the securing of material goods.  The materialist perception of society emasculated spiritually several generations of Hellenes.

We have a duty to build the Revolutionary Party that will liberate the forces of Hellenism from the current quagmire.

But the crucial question is what kind of party do we need?  What characteristics will it bring?

The hysterical cries against parties originate either from betrayed fighters, or from pessimistic personalities.  But without a party, you don't have an organized political force.  You don't acquire a state.  You don't earn political freedom.  You don't have a vision of power.  You don't have a school for officials.  You don't achieve ideological continuity and influence over the People.  You don't acquire collective strength.  Without a party life, you don't have experiences of struggle.  You don't have an organized national and social status.

The Militant Party provides the greatest degree of collective freedom and protection from enemies.  The political war that it carries out, brings to the surface the best elements of our People.  The war experiences create links bound by blood, unfading memories, eternal mental records, and sharpen the instinct of survival.  The Party imbues within the popular strata the invigorating spirit of the political war.

We must perceive the Party as a law system.  As a living organism, that develops its own laws and ethical rules, and determines what is legal and illegal in the Hellenic society.

The Party perpetually fights.  It fights for freedom, for material goods, for vengeance against the enemies, for the acquirement of respect, for collective survival, for the acquirement of power, for sovereignty.  The results of its victorious battles reflect on the race (demographic growth), the territories (living space), the wealth (commercial and industrial strength), the military strength, the judicial power, the cultural supremacy, the monetary policy (control of the financial system), and the influence over the People.

At the moment, the Roman-like state has been nullified by external and internal factors.  There are no armed forces capable of defending the People and the Fatherland.  Only the militarized Party can defend the People and the Fatherland.  Only this will militarize the People.  Only this will educate and guide the People to the War of National Liberation.

We must treat the Party that we will build as a Teacher of the Hellenic People.  As the administration of the enslaved Nation.  As a community of Hellenes.  As a State within a state.  As the incarnation of a belligerent Nation.

The Revolutionary Party will function as a school and a headquarters of war.  As a revolutionary government.  The Party will embody the executive, legislative and judicial power of the enslaved Hellenic nation.  It will function as a National Constituent Assembly.  As an organizational embodiment of the National Idea.

The Militant Party constitutes active collegiality, whereas the autonomy of various small groups is individual social loafing which degenerates however many noteworthy persons participate in the small groups.

The basic reason that a large patriotic party of power hasn't been built so far is because organizational culture is required, which is absent among many fellow fighters.  As soon as the first difficulties appear, many abandon the effort, and prefer the inactivity of the retreat from the dynamic intraparty frictions.  We, as a People, suffer from a lack of political culture, but this precisely will cure our Party.

Whoever refuses collective party action, signifies that he/she is afraid or is unable to lead.  But then, he/she is not entitled to speak against failed leaders, because he/she rationalizes his/her cowardice and inability with the sophism of autonomous action.

In actuality, he/she does not want autonomy.  He/she wants his/her small closed group in order to personate the leader.  He/she is a cowardly individualist, and uses as a pretext the current discredited parties in order to avoid his/her responsibilities to built a better party.

The individualist-autonomist bears a heavy responsibility for the current catastrophe of Hellas, as a crime consists of an act and the failure to act.  Whoever fails to struggle for the salvation of the People and the Fatherland is as responsible as traitors like Georgios A. Papandreou.

The main obstacle that we'll face is the personal petty interests of the Hellenes.  Another because he/she married a foreigner, another because he/she is a Christian or an atheist, another because he is a homosexual, another because he/she works in a foreign company, another because he/she is a coward, another because he/she was a member of PA.SO.K.  He/she will always have a personal identity or a personal interest that will precede or oppose the collective national imperatives.

There the mastery of the Party will be proven.  It will convince all of them to work for the common interest and to stifle their individual petty interests.

The Party must have a centuries-long horizon.  Its structural materials must withstand the ravages of time.  In order to teach its members the art of survival under adverse conditions, it must incorporate feedback mechanisms in all decision-making processes, which will check the leading group so that it doesn't diverge from the objectives of the movement.

The processes for the formation of the Party will be characterized by the sense of urgency.  Individuals with the disposition to undertake actions will take the lead.  Under the current conditions of foreign occupation, endless discussions harm the Fatherland and the People.  The occupiers are preparing the territorial amputation of Hellas, and they openly advertise it on television.

For the yeast of the party to thicken, basic mistakes that destroyed past patriotic parties must be avoided.  The Party will have a collective leadership in order to avoid formations of an individual basis.

There will be filters in place for the admission of members, because the massive influx of disillusioned supporters of PA.SO.K., New Democracy and K.K.E. will taint the militant spirit of the Party, and will convert it quickly into a clone of the discredited bourgeois parties.

The Party must have a political, social, cultural, and military wing.  Its manpower will be governed by an aggressive spirit.  Activism will be a way of life.  Its social action, its boldness in struggle, and its aggressive spirit, will rally the Hellenic society.

The Militant Party will take on the responsibility to carry through the Struggle for National Liberation, for as long as it'll take, however many sacrifices may be needed.

I invite fellow fighters, like-minded people, and friends, to start the practical steps for the formation of the Party.  We need political proposals, ideas for funding, event venues, and organizational fermentation.  But above all, we need action and aggressive spirit.

Communication between those who align with the idea of the Struggle for National Liberation from the foreign occupation will be achieved through a website until we reach the first conferences, which will lead to the founding congress.

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