Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Catechism of a member of the Eurasian Youth Union

Eurasianism: Personal aspect

Your goal

You must be a master.
You must be beautiful, proud, smart and bold.
You are born to rule Eurasia. You are free.
Arise and conquer!
You do not have to be a servant, a lackey, a slave. You must not be a freak, a weakling, a coward and a jerk.
No one can break your will. Do not sleep and bend your spine.
You were born in Eurasia, it is your matrix, your flesh, your spirit, your network. Whoever you may be, and wherever you are, you have one homeland - Mother Eurasia, you are a child of the great continent, oiled by rivers of blood of fathers. Your flesh - out of the land of Eurasia. Your spirit - from its winds. Your eyes are capable of seeing at night and to distinguish what is on the horizon. If it is not so, you're not yet born. Hurry up with that, time is short.

You're more than a human. You must become more than human.
Human is a lonely being, and no one can rid us of this piercing feeling.The ranks of our Union are tight and serried, not because we need others, but because, the strong pulls to the strong, free to the free, noble to noble, pure to the pure. 

Our goal - absolute power.

We are a Union of Lords, new masters of Eurasia. We approve our will sovereignly, unswervingly, and irrevocably.
Domination begins with oneself, then passes to the neighbours, then to distants, and so - in circles - wider and wider until it reaches the sea borders of the continent.We are eurasianists exactly why: our will overturns borders, it is knowingly wider than allocated, allowed, measured out, tolerated.
Therefore, our symbol - star of absolute expansion, a splash of solar energy in all directions. We are empire builders of the latest type, and do not accept anything less than the power over the world - which, as we know, can only give only the control over the eurasian continent. We have learned the lesson of geopolitics. And we seriously decided to go by hard and great ways of large space.
Because we are - Lords of the earth, we are the children and grandchildren of the masters of earth. We were worshipped by peoples and countries, our hand stretched to half the world, and our soles trampled the mountains and valleys of continents of the globe. We will return everything.Such is the white covenant of Eurasia.

You are a man

Means, you have to be smart and courageous. If it is not so, - you do not understand the truths and are not able to fight, kill and die for high ideals, -you are not a man, but shit. You have no price, you're garbage. Stupid and cowardly - is humus of Eurasia, its colour - the smart and strong. Arise to your full height, for your height is considerable. Let quivering creatures be worms under your feet. Man - it sounds good.

Until we have not gained victory, we will be angry. Goodness must be showed to the defeated and weak. Strong opponent , who is not going to give up and withdraw, deserves our hatred. This is the right feeling, without it there is no man. This means there is no you.
Will and intelligence, will and intelligence, will and intelligence - makes you interesting. Repeat this a thousand times a day, and in the evening you'll be alright.
Everything that surrounds you, is mirage, a trick and a fake. Spit on it, turn around and seek a way back to us. You are needed for the cause. We'll give it to you. Think about it goodly, and make up your mind.
Will and intelligence, otherwise you find yourself as castrato and tramp. To rare gray hair and saggy skin of inglorious old age.
The call of man is to be burned away. Rot - a call of a coward.

You are a woman

Hence, you are beautiful and gentle.
You give love to man and life to strong, ruddy babies - who shout shrilly and sharply, repeating the ancient motifs of the world and words of the language of angels.
You're in the center of being, and you're valuable as a greatest treasure of the secret garden. Be worthy of this greatness, do not stand away from the laws of ancestry, give love and affection to beautiful and strong people of your tribe. Serve the brave, fierce and free, avoid the cowardly, flabby and vile.
All that men do in their life, is done for your smile. Smile only to the worthy.The light of your eyes - is too great of a gift.

Our discipline

Discipline - is the basis of bases of Eurasian Youth Union. It is the way to dominance and power, experience of accumulation of power and concentration of will.Without discipline, man is nothing, garbage. When you learn to obey, you will be able to command yourself.
Total freedom - that's the horizon that is at the end of the path of discipline. By suppressing self-will and laziness, you acquire your true 'I'.

Your faith

You can believe in what you will. There is an absolute truth. But not one. Each tradition and religion calls to distant shores. And rightly so: in it is the dignity of spirit.
Let everyone choose for themselves - some rely on call of the blood, some on personal will, others on the tradition of family, clan or tribe.
If you do not believe in anything, carry it in yourself - nihil is as well a significant category. But toy must be honest.

If your believe - rightly so. If they ask in what, you shall tell. If they don't ask, do not flatter with it. Faith is not a candy wrapper, not a poster. Follow it on the ways of the heart and comply with its laws - internally and externally. But do not overdo it - you will fall into tediousness of a neophyte.
It is better to run more in the morning and perform the tasks of the Union. This forms the main thing - you as a fighting unit. But the true faith requires only warriors, fighters, knights of the spirit.
Our ideal - strength. You are needed strong to your church, community. Weak, you do not need by anyone.

Ordinary people, and the previous generation

Ordinary people are on our side. But to count on them is vain. Previous generations, our direct ancestors failed everything they could. They have a good soul, but the paralysis of will and mind. They are only capable of ruining themselves. The salvation of the country, building of Russia-3 is the task of young people, new generations.
Seniors have worn out. The only chance - in the minors. To restore the link of times, it is necessary to break the link of times. Our grandfathers built and defended a great empire, but our fathers betrayed it, sold, and failed. To come to the sources, it is necessary to go forward.

Cut off the cord, move freely and sovereignly. Transgress the line, you're not chickens.
But to move forward, we must be guided by a new call, and not by behaviour of the herd.We will not be understood right away, because we go ahead of the crowds. It requires courage, makes us look for unusual, atypical personalities. Salvation of the country is a task of difficult people. The simple will reap the fruits of our labors.
Our view is ahead and to the sky. In the opposite direction from those of ordinary people - back and into the ground.

Eurasianism: Global aspect

Our enemy

There is in the world today , a power - great and serious - which stands in our way. It smashed to smithereens our homeland, threw on a continent, on the whole world a web of dark presence.
It's a civilization of distant West, on the other side of the ocean. USA.
In this country, everything is backwards, there rules the laws of the mirror - in high esteem are the weak and sick, in centre of focus is a pervert and a freak, there you can and should be frail, twisted, vile and cowardly, but strength, will and intelligence are banned.
There all changes for money, and money for things. Fleshes of momentary ephemeral pleasures, lingering heat of degeneration. There rules lies and deception, counterfeit products of fast food and fabricated surveys of exit polls. And this scum they call the "new order" and impose it on great cultures and proud peoples ...
Everything that comes from America, is sated with poison. Everything that is said there, is lie and infection. All that is done there, should be broken and thrown away. To preserve our "I", we have to introduce strict anti-american hygiene. This is the first step on the path of great war of continents: Eurasia against the Atlantic.
This war is led for a long time. In recent decades, we have lost over and over again many battles. Swept away ideology, power, camps, unions, and state. Under the threat today is Russia - the last bastion of Eurasia, the hope of the world, the pledge of salvation, the hope of the strong and the free people of the world, of those who didn't bend their neck to american evil.
Our Union has an absolute enemy. It is the United States. It is the beginning and end of our hatred.

Our friends

All others - are our friends. That is the law of battle: first, we bring down the main - great - enemy, then we deal with each other. But we should not get ahead of ourselves - it will weaken confuse us.
Our friends - all people and forces, countries and religions, languages and generations who seek to preserve themselves and their freedom in the face of U.S. hegemony. These are those in the West and in the East, the former Soviet republics, and in the far abroad, among Muslims and Buddhists, the Chinese Communists and sorcerers of black Africa, they are in America - in fact, not all the people of this sinister country say "yes" to the course of the absolute evil, on which the United States stood at a pivotal moment in its history.
Eurasianism knows no boundaries, it crosses oceans, our cell groups, squads are growing everywhere. We are driven by anger for the oppressors and by will to power.
Everything strong, free, original, beautiful, tart, firm, ardent, sunny, young are on our side. These are our friends.
Against their games in democracy we claim the element of pure will and ethics of courage. All marked with the same passion - are our friends, whatever the color of their skin, eyes, hair, and whatever God they are praying to.
Eurasian Youth Union is open to all, but to enter it , may only the selected - those who prove their worth by deed.
The rest will be trembling creatures between the hammer and the sickle There are only two forces in the world - them are us. It's like a plus and a minus, like fire and ice. And nothing more. Anyone who is not an enemy - a friend. Not a friend - the enemy (or a coward and a dunce, but it's like an accomplice to the enemy - the guilt of idiots is huge, and their punishment they will be with no discounts!).

Eurasianism: Idealogical aspect

Our revolution - conservative revolution

We walk the paths of Revolution. Conservative Revolution. All that can not survive, should better die and make way for a new life. Better an empty space, than junk of historical defeats. Easier to make up from the start.
We are conservatives because retain all the great and valuable from the past. Until such time as it can still be saved. But when the decay crosses a fatal line and you can not do anything else, we say with severity, let it all fall, we will create it all over again.
And this is time of the Revolution - our Revolution. We turn by will - as solar heroes - the wheel from the end to the beginning, and open the doors of a new cycle - in this eternity helps us - it is on the side of the conservative.
Revolution - a celebration of the eternal return.

Our idea: Third Russia

Our idea - Third Rus, Russia-3.
Today's Russia - Russia-1 - chlorosis, a caricature on the state, on society, which only has to be built. It will be built by us. It is a Russia of misunderstandings, half-measures, corruption and decay. It is the ruins of the empire - with no idea , no power, energy or spark.
But these pieces of malicious infringes the American enemy. It already forms the ovary Russia-2 "Orange Russia" with the accountant-president singed ,the return of the oligarchs, the final collapse into pieces. Russia-2 Russia wants to finish 1. So Russia will be no more.
Russia-1 and Russia-2 as a Möbius strip on them circulate back and forth the same shade of prey cynics, speculators and political consultants who profit from the tragedy of a great country and great people.
We are the soldiers of Third Russia. Russia initial and the upcoming.
We are ready to fight even for wreckages of the country, at the face of an orange bulldozer - we will stand on his way as a shield. But not to blindly serve the interests of the corrupt and mentally disabled current elite, these senseless time-servers. We have a plan, a philosophy, its tasks. We will build a new country - Russia-3, Russia-Eurasia, the great Eurasian empire from ocean to ocean.
This will be the Russia of youth and strength, power and rage, greatness and justice. Russia-3 - national and social, loyal to roots and turned to the future.


The modern world is, frankly speakin, rubbish. All in it is wrong, all is lousy, all ugly, forged, slippery. Its leaders and its masses is equally unpleasant. It's a small time, in it reproduce and rejoice only worthlessness. Its scale - is short.
We are inspired by the past - the age of heroes, the call of great deeds and great achievements. The ancient is amazing by its straightforwardness, its cruelty, its enthusiastic bloody candor. What fates! What people! What energies!
The past teaches us how to live - without parliaments, TVs, "human rights", electronic mold of cities. The past is real, present is virtual.
Hence we are committed to Tradition. Everything in the Tradition of fine. Especially that which is is unreasonable, unclear unjustified, what exceeds the small bald mind. Tradition is full of dazzling solar delirium, which is necessary to be taken with an open mind - as it is. We must comply with all rules of Tradition - especially the absurd ones. Only by so we will understand its hidden logic - that will wake up in us a higher winged creature, languishing in the body as in a prison of flesh.
Tradition is in everything and always right. Modernity in all and always is wrong. But we live in today, in a world without Tradition, coming after the end of the Tradition, and therefore, there is only one way out - to revolt against modernity, to recreate the ancient and eternal.
And let this shake the insects of the present!
Tradition above all.

Eurasianism: Organisational aspect

Our network

Our Union arms with the latest organizational technologies. We feel close to the spirit of teams and combat squads, order of army and hordes. But to revive it straight will give a caricature and ridicule. We must ride the spirit of time, to subdue the course of things. Therefore, our army is organized as a network.
We have a common operating system - eurasianism, a common protocol - the code of the conservative revolution.
Our network has to permeate all, spread everywhere - in schools, on the streets, in the universities and conferences, to clubs and factories, barracks and ministerial offices, military schools and art galleries. Where there are young people - boys and girls - there is a collection point for our Union.
Each member of the Union is in himself a pole. Star of eurasian galaxy. From it come the threads of thought and action. It's just like starlight. To be in our Union, you should just be, and everything else will follow. From pole to pole, from person to person, from internet users to internet users will stretch invisible connections.
Be fishers of men and non-humans - they all will come in handy during attack, defense or cover-up.
Since the field of our war - the entire globe, the regular and open action in the presence of an enemy-free zones intersperses with partisan actions on the territory under its control. Our enemy is globalism, and it attacks all over the place. Our Eurasian answer it should be as global.
At one place - we are regular eurasian units. In another - eurasian team. In the third - eurasian underground. But always and everywhere: we are one and the same.

Our hierarchy

At the head of the Union are the most intelligent and courageous. It is the purest of hierarchies, it cannot be tampered . You will not buy a post in it, won't attain it with intrigues. Competing in the power of the mind, mediocrity has no chance against genius.
In an emergency, a brave and courageous instantly differ from the timid and cautious. Hence our Union prefers war. There everything quickly falls into its place. Always during our time, someone is fighting with someone. So we go there, to test ourselves and friends, pass a test to prove who's worth what.
Fear nothing. If you want to enjoy pleasures, you must be able to endure hardships. If you want to live, be prepared to die.

Stages of the eurasian doing

Eurasian Youth Union aims to save Russia, build Russia-3. On this way, there are stages.
First, create a powerful consolidated strong youth organization, knit by eurasian idea and united in a clear structure. Exchange of information, participation in actions of the Union, attracting new members and participants. Exchange of information, participation in actions of the Union, attracting new members and participants.
Secondly, active participation in the social, cultural and political life of the country, the organization of independent actions aimed at promoting the righteousness of eurasian. The fight for Great Russia, and social justice and against Americanism, Atlanticism, liberalism and the "orange plague".
Third, the transformation of the organization into an independent subject of the historical process in the face of inevitable looming crisis in 2008, at a time when the government will not be able to resist disintegration and collapse of the state, comes our turn to take responsibility for the fate of the Country - either by ourselves or in conjunction with other representatives of the third force (if they will show up).
Four: The creation of the Great Eurasian Empire, based on the principles of tradition, avant-garde, the conservative revolution and social justice. This will be the Empire of "hedgehog" type - bristling with aggressive outwards - toward the enemy, and soft, gentle and obliging inside - in the direction of its people.

The structure of the Eurasian Youth Union

The Union has national, regional, urban and rural levels. The individual cells are organized in high schools and universities. At each level, there are coordinators (moderators).
The supreme body of the Eurasian Committee "Eurasian Movement".
National Coordinator (moderator) is responsible for all the structures of the Union within the framework of the country.
Regional Coordinator (moderator) - within the region. City - the city. Town - village. Each university - a single cell, the combined network in a separate student Union.
The national coordinators (moderators) from different countries to put their overall structure of the common international unit.
Union pays special attention to the development of the structures in the countries of the CIS. It is "small Eurasia" and it should belong to us in the first place. This is a priority area of our activity - everywhere "orange" are coming, which means that the font of struggle is open.
Coordination does mean hierarchy. Sensible man from the village or an individual student, who has shown himself, is rapidly moving up the steps - right up to the highest positions in the Union. The geographical center of the Union is not above the province. Above all the most intelligent and brave - no matter where they are. The network allows to implement it on practice. We have to be everywhere and nowhere, have the ability to rapidly emerge and dissolve instantly. We need the maximum flexibility of the structure.

Ours and your promises

Eurasian Youth Union did not owe you anything, promises nothing. The best come to us. They come and that's it.
And they give us promises, vow to Eurasia, swear to Third Russia. Fulfill the promises - the dream becomes a truth. Dream - a reality. Won't succeed - will dissolve among shells and others will take their place.
Anyone who promises you anything, necessarily lies. Only we tell you the truth: stand up and get included in the task, without waiting for awards. And you will be rewarded handsomely.