Friday, December 18, 2015

Beyond the EU: A UK Strategy for a Global Economy


What you've never heard from Brussels and Strasbourg before: "Yes, Britain can and should leave the EU -- and prosper -- and here's how to do it"

The European Parliament's own eurosceptic group, Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, will hold a conference in London on Friday March 20th to show the UK how to make the Great Escape.

The EFDD, a group of 47 Members of the European Parliament drawn from seven member states of the EU, have invited notable speakers to discuss: "Beyond the EU, a strategy for a Global Economy."

No one understands the deadening effect -- and the dangerous intentions -- of the EU better than the dozens of eurosceptic MEPs from across Europe who every day watch the euro-elite build an "ever-closer union" of over-regulation and over-powerful centralised control.

The EFDD know that the EU has led Europe to be the only Continent in the world whose economy is in relentless decline.

The determination of millions of British people to take their country out of the EU is supported by the EFDD. They know that claims by British euro-enthusiasts that the "Britain Out" movement has not yet explained how the UK can leave the EU are false.

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