Thursday, June 20, 2013

I send my revolutionary greetings to our comrades in Brazil

We national-revolutionaries support your struggle. 

Victory or Death comrade Raphael. 

Iphicratis Amyras 


Raphael Machado

Dear foreign comrades,

We don't know what the foreign media is reporting about the popular revolts that are happening in dozens of cities in Brazil. So I'd like to give a very short declaration.

The living costs in Brazil are reaching unimaginable levels for a country where most people live off aproximately $270 a month. Brazil is becoming a country where only foreign tourists and millionaires can live decently. The beginning of the revolts were started by the new prices of the public transportation tickets. It was an increase of merely R$0,20, though that's already enough for a people were many citizens have to use 2 or more buses to go to work or get back home while the politicians and businessmen never have to use public transports and travel around the country in helicopters and jets.

But it's not only R$0,20. It's more. Brazil is a country where until now politicans and businessmen could anything they wished and the citizens would react of the utmost apathy. The only goals that Brazilians mobilized for where "gay marches", "marijuana parades", and other completely disgusting stuff, all of it financed, supported, approved and planned by the social-democratic/neoliberal government of the Worker's Party and their allies.

Finally, part of the youth is waking up to the realities of economic exploitation and corruption, by politicians and businessmen. And the students and workers are very angry. The people is discovering that all the promises from the Worker's Party are lies. It and its allies are neoliberal parties like most of the other globalist parties in the West.

It's true that the movement was started by left-progressist groups. But they're a small minority in all of it, and if finally they were right about something in their lives they should be supported in it. It doesn't matter who started. The mass has its own life and is moved by its own instincts.
National-Revolutionaries, National-Bolshevists, Third Way Nationalists and Eurasianists are fighting in all cities to help in the struggle against capitalist exploitation and trying to direct the popular wrath against the right targets.

In Rio de Janeiro I myself participated in the assault and siege against the State Legislative Assembly until we were repelled by the police with extreme violence. In all cities our comrades are fighting in the streets, in the barricades, always at the vanguard of the people.

It's true that the Capitalist Right is trying to sabotage the protests and cannalize them for their own ends. But we own allow it. We'll make use of violence if necessary to expel the reactionary opportunists.

So, we ask for our support. We ask that you foreign comrades pray for our victory. The same way we in Brazil give our support and pray for your victory.


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