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Propaganda Lessons - Derailment of Prejudices

For anti-Hellenic propaganda to be shattered, Hellenic propagandists must comprehend the concept of managing images, words and emotions.  They must comprehend how the human prejudice-generating engine functions, and to subsequently dismantle it.
Psychological experiments have demonstrated that there may exist a correlation between a repeated word, a recurring image, and a social reaction.  The repetition of this combination creates a particular prejudice.
When the Hellenes are faced with the derision of the anti-Hellenic media because they resist the invaders of foreign race and religion, they should primarily focus their attention to the anti-Hellenic media and the supporters of the invaders.  From there do the invaders draw their strength and are consequently emboldened.
Because various scum under the guise of humanitarianism support the invasion of infidel foreigners, many Hellenes perform the mistake of appealing to laws concerning illegal immigration, to the risk of demographic deterioration, and to the patriotism of administrative authorities, triggering again the derision of the anti-Hellenic "humanitarians."
The appeals to logic, laws and patriotism have no effect.  What matters is the conquest of the emotional world of our enemies.  The Hellenic laws are paralyzed when our emotional world is enslaved to the enemy.
Let us examine how the anti-Hellenic "humanitarians" and "anti-racists," who revile daily the Hellenic Nation, obtained power.  We will examine an example of generating anti-Hellenic prejudice.  And afterward we shall turn the same deadly arrows against our enemies.
A young Hellene sees on the television an image of Hellenes who try to repel the invaders of foreign race and religion.  An anti-Hellenic newscaster characterizes the Hellenes as racists, whereas the invaders are victims of racism.  At the same time, the Hellenic child hears about various humanitarian organizations protesting in favor of the invaders.  He/she hears about "democratic" citizens who react to any expulsion of the invaders.
In the mind of the young Hellene, there has been linked an image (Hellenic fighters), a negative characterization (racists), and a negative social reaction (disapproval).  This is the equation of the prejudice.
The young Hellene will create a prejudice that whoever supports the Hellenes is a racist, whereas anyone who supports the invaders is a humanitarian.  Feeling guilty, he/she will begin to censor his/her thoughts and behavior.  Every time that he/she comes into contact with the complex of image-characterization-social reaction, he/she will feel pain.  He/she will feel punished.  And he/she will seek deliverance from this pain by melding with the camp of anti-Hellenic scum.  Because there, they will reward him/her emotionally by giving him/her the title of humanist instead of racist.
That which has significance is that the enemy struck at his/her emotional world and evoked a kind of dependent reflex.  Through the utterance of the word "racist", the young Hellene is taught by the anti-Hellenic media to automatically feel guilt.  The term "racism" has been linked with the sentiment of social disapproval and the Hellenic fighters.
Herein lies the mistake of the Hellenes.  They did not properly analyze the guilt-generating engine of the enemy.  They did not counterattack with the same weapons.  In such a situation, however many arguments a Hellenic propagandist may use will fall on deaf ears.  He/she cannot set out to convince the Hellenes to not feel guilty, from the moment these images are repeated daily by the anti-Hellenic media.
Arguments do not overmaster emotions.  This was known by all ancient Hellenic rhetors.  Logic is not the appropriate medicine for the treatment of guilt.  When our enemy instills guilts, it is not permitted of us to respond through logical argumentation.  Thoughts do not determine emotions.  On the contrary, emotions determine thoughts.
However many murders, robberies, rapes the invaders may commit, the Hellene is not going to react dynamically, quite simply because the inherent psychic mechanism, fight-or-flight response, subconsciously gives him/her a command to retreat.  To be silent, to avoid being called a "racist".  The psychic pain from guilt reaches a point where it even overcomes the instinct of self-preservation.
As long as the prejudice-generating mechanism doesn't change, as long as the Hellenic propagandists don't change the variables in the equation of prejudice, the Hellenes will either remain silent, or will react tepidly in front of an invasion of people of different race and religion.  The subconscious of a person does what it is accustomed to do.  It cannot change direction if we don't feed it different psychic material.
The intervention in the equation is done by changing either the image, the characterization, or the social reaction.  Or better yet, all three terms of the equation.
The incomprehension of the technique of jamming and derailing prejudices explains why several Hellenic organizations have not succeeded so far in crushing the Greek-speaking supporters of the invaders.
Let's focus on why an individual who supports the invaders behaves in such a manner.  There is certainly a minority of salaried anti-Hellenic scum that sells "anti-racism" for reasons of livelihood.  But the majority of "anti-racists" are led by the nose from the impressions they receive.  They are captives of anti-Hellenic propaganda.
When the issue of invaders of foreign race and religion arises, the typical "anti-racist" activates two automatic mental associations.  First, he/she enjoys an emotional dose of wellness that he/she is consistent with the many, the "humanitarians", and second, that he/she disapproves of "the few, the bad, the racists".
In actuality, the typical "anti-racist" doesn't think much.  He/she simply reacts like an automaton to a prefabricated image, to an emotional circuit.  He/she enjoys the emotional award which he/she is granted by the anti-Hellenic media.  Once he/she externalizes his/her "anti-racist" nonsense, he/she expects the emotional delight that is offered so generously by the languid social environment, regardless of whether he/she is either raped, robbed or left unemployed by the invaders.
The "anti-racist" is a sheep.  He/she is afraid to be left alone.  He/she is afraid to say his/her opinion.  He/she wants to go with the crowd, the many, to be buried in their gregarious cowardice.  And instead of suffering an excruciating crisis of conscience, he/she launches right and left "anti-racist" bullae, to show that he/she too is in vogue.

Due to being plagued by guilts, he/she suffers from cognitive dissonanceHis/her political views are not in agreement with his/her feelings.  He/she knows very well that he/she shouldn't support the invaders against the Hellenes, but he/she will adjust his/her views to agree with his/her feelings.  This is the basic function of the prejudice-generating engine.
Let's see how we'll crush these anti-Hellenic prejudices by creating converse prejudices.  The foremost thing the Hellenic propagandist must be taught is to utilize the human prejudice-generating engine in favor of Hellenism.
When the engine that generates automatic emotional responses receives different material, it'll give different results.
The "anti-racist" (read anti-Hellenic) prejudice is crushed when we introduce a different, prefabricated emotional response to the psychic world of the Hellenes.
Psychology teaches that if by means of repetition we link two unrelated situations together, then the emotions we feel for one situation are transferred to the second.  Specifically, the strongest emotion is transferred to the weakest.  At the same time, people functioning by means of emotional emulation will feel whatever their social environment feels.  Most people feel shameful when they perceive that they don't feel like the rest of the herd.
The derailment is achieved with a repetitive exposure of "anti-racists" in images, words and social reactions, which will link their model with the worst criminals.
We will create images of "anti-racists" in which they will be characterized as slave traders, criminals, anti-Hellenes, racists, and who will receive disapproval from their friends, their families, and primarily from the immigrants.
It is of no significance that these images for the time being do not reflect actuality.  It is of significance to invade the emotional world of the "anti-racist" and to discontinue the provision of emotional enjoyment.  We need to make him/her feel an emotional pain, seeing his/her image being devastated.
At the same time, television spots would show abused Hellenes, and what they have suffered from the invaders.  Criminal qualities that any person would be ashamed to share would be attributed to the supporters of the invaders.
The "anti-racist" thirsts for reward from his social environment; he/she wants to get his/her emotional dose.  We break down the image he/she has for himself/herself, that of a humanitarian.  Instead of an emotional reward, we cause him/her horrendous emotional pains.  We depict him/her as an inhuman beast.
When the supporter of the invaders sees himself/herself on the screen hated by everyday people, emotional emulation ensures that he/she will feel the same way!  Subconsciously.  This image immediately cuts off his/her emotional enjoyment.  He/she starts to feel guilt, doubt and emotional pain.
Little by little, the anti-Hellenic prejudice is deconstructed.  It will take time.  It will take several iterations.  But we mustn't forget that that is exactly how the anti-Hellenic prejudices were created: by means of repeating images, words and prefabricated social reactions.  We must do the converse process.
The "anti-racist" does not have to believe that his/her social environment dislikes him/her and that he/she is such a loathsome creature.  Nor does he/she have to realize it.  His/her repeated exposure to images of disapproval of his/her model, without the use of logical argumentation, would suffice.
Let's take a look at a simpler example.  In several alcohol production companies' advertisements, we see groups of jovial youths in clubs with beautiful girls, smiling while drinking alcohol.  The whole image sends the message that the youth who drinks becomes accepted in the group.  He is a pleasant personality.  The alcohol companies deliberately create the mental association: fun-courtship-bar-alcohol-social acceptance.

But if in an advertisement we show a young man who has gone to a bar with his group of friends and girlfriend, and his girlfriend makes an intense grimace when he starts to drink, and his group of friends express their intense disapproval because his action spoils their fun, then the young viewer will automatically be punished emotionally each time the words bar-alcohol come to his mind.  He will link the bar and alcohol with social disapproval and the repulsion of his lover.
This technique is far more effective than advertisements that stress the risk of traffic accidents due to alcohol consumption.  A youth cares more about whether he'll lose his girlfriend than whether he will cause a traffic accident.
We are at the mercy of our basic instincts, which in this case commence from the most simple rules that are rooted in the principle of the repetition of pleasure and the avoidance of pain.
Once the "anti-racist" begins to feel emotional pain and guilt, he/she will be forced to change views so that his/her views are in agreement with the new emotions he/she is feeling.  Only in this way will he/she avoid the emotional punishment.  Even if he/she wants to support the invaders, he/she won't do it openly because he/she will fear being maligned by his/her social environment.  He/she will begin to censor himself/herself.
Our propaganda campaign must primarily target the emotional rewards enjoyed by the "anti-racist" when he/she expresses his/her anti-Hellenism.
The "anti-racist" must see on television spots that he/she is hated by all.  To be hated primarily by the foreigners.  To be spat on by the immigrants.  To be viewed as a murderer of their own culture.  To be viewed as a tyrant.  He/she deprives them of their country, their freedom.  He/she exploits them.  He/she drinks their blood.
Let's take a look at another example.  A Taliban representative is presented in a televised address.  The pretty much well-known message that he sends: "Allah will punish the infidels.  We, the Taliban, represent Islam.  We will become martyrs by taking our lives with bombs.  We are the oppressed, you are the oppressors, etc."
It is not permitted of a Hellenic propagandist to logically debate with such a person if he/she is to change his views.  He/she has to immediately cut off all benefits of emotional pleasure.
With a campaign of television spots, he/she would show Islamist clerics calling the Muslims for a holy war against the infidel Taliban (it is irrelevant whether the Taliban believe our propagandistic message).  A propagandistic news story would propagate that a Mujahid blew himself up, killing thirty Taliban (it is irrelevant whether this particular event actually happened - it matters for the people to hear and see such news stories).  When successful military attacks are carried out by Western troops against the Taliban, it should be written that they were achieved with the help of Allah.  What matters is that the Taliban hear and see on television spots that Allah hates them, that Muslims hate them, and friends and relatives fight them.  To see Afghan women fighting on the side of the Western troops (regardless if this does not occur in actuality).
Obviously the Taliban are not so stupid as to believe such propaganda.  But the target of such a propagandistic campaign is not the Taliban; it is those who want to convert to the Taliban, the millions of Muslims with threatening dispositions.  Those are the ones who we are interested in punishing preventively.
A preventive war is not conducted only with military means.  It is conducted primarily with psychological means.  It is not easy to stop the Taliban in the mountains of Afghanistan with the use of military weapons.  However, you can stop the person who aims to enlist in the Taliban with the use of emotional weapons, creating around him a grid of negative reactions so as to neutralize him preventively.
The neutralization of the Talib or the "anti-racist" is not enough, though.  His/her conversion to our camp behooves us.  Only then do we achieve permanent results.
The neutralized Talib must now fight against the Taliban.  The former "anti-racist" must now fight anti-Hellenism and the invaders of foreign race and religion.
To achieve this, again we utilize the equation of prejudice.  For example, we show an image of a student, with long hair, with earrings, wearing a Che Guevara tee-shirt, and we affix onto him the label of nationalist.
The "anti-racist" viewer will feel positive about the image, and negative about the label.  But he/she will transfer the positive feeling to the label.  The transfer of the feeling will not be done conversely.  He/she will not transfer the negative feeling he/she is experiencing about the nationalist label to the image of the leftist student.  Images are stronger than words.  First we will show the image so that the "anti-racist" viewer can call to his/her memory positive impressions, and then we will affix the label, because first impressions have more power.

In the television spot, the student with a leftist image will speak in favor of Hellenism and the Hellenic race.  This will shock the "anti-racist" viewer because he/she sees his/her model defending exactly what he/she hates.  The pair, image-label, must be deliberately selected so as to not show muscular persons with shaved heads, but to reflect what everyday ordinary people look like, and even better, what anarcho-leftists look like.
It is patently clear that with one or two television spots we're not about to change the views of the enemies of Hellenism.  Long-lasting repetition is required.  Revealed here are the principles upon which Hellenic propaganda must be supported.  The anti-Hellenic views did not take root in the souls of people within one day.  There has been entire brainwashing going on for decades by the universities and the media.
But it would be unforgivably negligent to not utilize the mechanism of automatic emotional responses from the moment that our enemy utilizes it against us.  But if the Hellenic propagandists frame their messages in the manner indicated, the political situation in Hellas will be overthrown very briefly.
Today, with the use of websites like and a camcorder of retail trade, a small group of Hellenic propagandists can direct such televised messages and upload them to the internet.
Thus, it is not permitted of someone to claim that we don't have the kind of money necessary for many expensive ads, nor that the anti-Hellenic media will refuse to put up our televised messages.  With the use of the internet, the cost of such an advertising campaign is minimal.  All that is required is dedicated Hellenic propagandists.

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