Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A state of permanent war

The Hellenic Republic must enter a state of permanent war. Her borders coincide with those of Europe, Middle East, and Northern Africa. These areas must be immediately designated as her spheres of influence. 

The Hellenic Republic has the responsibility to offer spiritual guidance to the nations of Europe, Middle East, and Africa, so that they can fight effectively and in a irreversible manner those who plan to revert Humanity to the Middle Ages. 

Under no circumstances must we ever allow islamic and christian fundamentalism to take roots in our vicinity. 

We must fight tooth and nail to prevent Hellas be surrounded by the Abrahamic religions of the Dark Ages.

We must help those nations to discover their pre-islamic and pre-christian customs and values.

And if they cannot do it themselves, we must do it for them. We shall wage a permanent Holy War for a permanent life free of oppression by the Abrahamic religious madness.

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