Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hellenic Strategy (I)

The low level of strategic studies in Hellas constitutes one of the major reasons for the minimized popular resistance against the foreign occupation.
Ideas have consequences. Having incurred defeats for decades in the field of ideas by the European Union, one day we passed into the phase of the material existence of defeat.
The ideological war took on the form of assimilating thousands of Hellenic intellectuals into the destructive chariot of the European Union.
Having allowed people of foreign race and religion to dehellenize the Hellenic youth for decades, when the 4th Reich passed into the phase of politico-economic invasion and occupation, Hellas found herself without intellectuals to enlist in the ideological war. Most of them were on the payroll of German-European funds.
For us to expel the occupiers, a victory in the field of ideas is first required, and principally in the sector of strategic perception.
Our Party has undertaken the ethical duty to inspire within the People faith and loyalty to Hellenism. The education of our members in strategy requires their familiarization with the terminology and the rules of the multifaceted war which we are called to bring an end to.
For the Falcons of Hellenism to succeed in emerging as commanders of the National-Popular revolutionary military, in the battlefield they must incorporate into their political DNA the fundamental values of the Heroic ideal.
War showcases the true side of people. It's the best way to test the resiliencies, the knowledge, the capabilities, and the virtues of people.
Only in war are the reflexes of the Hellenic citizen-soldier tested: the degree of camaraderie, courage, self-confidence, perceptiveness, versatility, discipline, insight, composure, craftiness, initiative, aggressive spirit, psychological resilience, resourcefulness, secrecy, agility, loyalty.
All of these values are revealed in war because the truth is presented bare, shattering anything fake and feigned.
The Falcons of Hellenism, as party officials and as officers of war, ought to have at their disposal ingenuity, meticulousness, order, precision, resoluteness, courage, faith, strong will, and specialization. But these capabilities do not suffice. Executive and technical knowledge is required in the battlefield.
Practical training is needed for someone to become a worthy commander of a unit and to guide the warriors and the People to the prolonged, unorthodox political war. Theoretical training in war does not suffice. Experience and war culture are needed that will subsist within Hellenic society.
The German imperialism and neo-Byzantine expansionism of the European Union must be curbed by any means, including the military war.
We must familiarize ourselves with the undermentioned war terms:
Strategic culture
Strategic tradition
Strategic ambush
Strategic narrative
Indirect approach
Patron-client states
Grand strategy
Force multipliers
Proxy war
War of attrition
We must teach ourselves the techniques of "divide and rule" of the Romans, which were used against the Germanic tribes in order to keep them divided.
The burden of the political and economic dissolution of the European Union and the German hegemony falls upon the Falcons of Hellenism.
Each official of our Party, in every one of his/her appearances, must teach the People through his/her political conduct.
We are indebted to explain to the People the destiny of the Hellenic Nation, its responsibility for the liberation of the Fatherland, its duty toward the following generations of Hellenes, its loyalty that is owed to the Paternal Gods, its historical spondylosis as a basic element of national memory and collective identity, its debt to erode the anti-Hellenic beliefs, its obligation to convert itself into a permanent illuminator of the Hellenic values with the aim of ideological hegemony and cultural expansionism, the need for Hellenic Communities across the globe to acquire judicial autonomy and legislative independence from their surrounding administrative authorities, and finally the need for the emergence of an able-minded leadership of Hellenism through the classical Hellenic paideia.
In order to be victorious in the Sacred War, we must militarize the Hellenic mother so that we don't relive massacres such as in Smyrna, or such as the massacres we incurred from the Byzantines and the Islamists.
To avoid being stoned and burned alive at the stake of monotheism again, we must teach our Hellenic women the ferocity of war, whether social or military.
The Hellenic woman is endangered among other things by illegal colonizers, rapists, military occupiers, and economic murderers. She must militarize herself. She must be taught propaganda and guerrilla warfare (particularly the techniques of snipers). She must learn about computers and cyber warfare. She must learn how to exterminate serial murderers preventively. She must learn how to annihilate the supporters of the illegal colonizers who legitimize the rape of Hellenic women. She must learn to be merciless against those who threaten her children and her bodily integrity.

The Sacred War that we wage positively impacts the cultivation of the military-political virtues of our future leadership.
Our Party must daily devise the People's politico-military engagement in the unorthodox, asymmetrical war against the occupiers.
The delegitimization and destabilization of the occupational regime by any means constitutes our basic strategic option.
In the present war conditions, the traditional distinctions between crime, terrorism, sabotage, guerrilla warfare, militias, mercenaries, gangs and conventional warfare are no longer valid. The lines of distinction are blurred to non-existent.
The traditional laws of war between civilians and combatants are no longer valid. There is no contradiction between lethal and non-lethal methods of warfare, nor between direct and indirect approach, nor between political and military solutions. These are complementary strategies of the same target.
In this dynamic, rugged and alternating environment, we are called upon as a Party to lead the Sacred National-Liberation War. 

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