Sunday, September 6, 2015

We need to build a global alliance network

We need to build an anti-liberal global alliance.
We need a global political army. We have to overthrow the liberal regimes around the world. We need to destroy liberal memes faster than their birth rate. We have to overthrow liberal regimes by forging a coalition of radical traditionalists around the world. We need to build traditionalist international institutions, based on national sovereignty, traditional values, and human obligations.
We need to train militant activists to act globally. We need to pressure countries to abandon the liberal international institutions like WTO, UN, IMF, NATO, EU, etc, and join the alternative traditionalist international institutions.
We need to attack simultaneously different liberal regimes around the world and free the enslaved peoples. We need to replace democratic norms with traditionalist counter-norms.
We need to form, maintain, and manage global anti-liberal sociopolitical networks. We need to invest in alliance formation and maintenance. We need to build incentive structures for state and non-state actors to join our Global Revolutionary Alliance.

We have to rewrite history and erase liberal interpretation of history from the public sphere. We need to manage power transitions in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Eurasia, Latin America. We need to replace democracy and liberalism in the new international world order and supply humanity with fresh ideas and competing alternatives.
We must wage war on liberal narratives and strategic visions and replace them with our traditionalist narratives and visions for the future of humanity. Societies must experience radical de-democratization and radical deliberalization reforms. 
The traditionalist international architecture must comply with the multi-polar worldview. We need to design evolving strategies, adaptable to abrupt change and new circumstances. We have to revise world history, world power distribution, status quo laws, and silent assumptions, in every sphere of social life.
We need to reverse the meaning of  liberal concepts such as “human rights” and “international community”, to  point to our interests, and against the liberal international order. Need to start a global boycott and blockade against Europe and USA as the main supporters of totalitarian liberalism.
To snatch India, Indonesia and other Asian countries from the US-centric alliance network, we need to spread anti-liberal and antidemocratic values and norms in the Asian population. Need to engage both, Asian elites and Asian masses. We have to change the way they perceive their values and interests.
We need to disarm the West. We must tell them, “abandon and destroy your missile and nuclear weapons armory for your safety and well-being”, otherwise the blockade will be permanent.
We need to disconnect the liberal western alliance from the rest of the world. Simultaneously we need to prevent the West from disarming the nuclear arsenal of Iran and North Korea. To avoid concentration of the West’s threats on us, we must invite the World to embrace nuclear and biochemical weapons proliferation, as the most potent deterrent power against western military intervention in our countries.
We need to outlaw all pro-western organizations, institutions, ngos, parties, etc, in our non-Western countries. We need to suppress and marginalize all media, personalities, businesses, intellectuals with a liberal worldview.

We need to shut down all liberal and democratic international institutions. 
We need to uproot democracy and human rights globally. It will take a mixture of incentives, disincentives, pressure, money under the table, arm-twisting policies, values, and ideas, for the African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle East states to abandon pro-western organizations, values, alliances, and treaties. 

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