Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hellenic Strategy (II) - Survival Strategy of the Nation

If the mind of the average Hellene is running through a short mental distance between parliamentarism and military junta, then he/she is not going to be liberated from his/her bondage.

In order to break the mental bonds of the occupiers, our mind must be fed by images, ideas, ethical values, completely opposite from those of the occupiers.

The greatest problem that the Hellenic People face today is their political and cultural assimilation into the worldview of the occupiers. The Hellenes realize that they are undergoing a genocide, but they haven't crystallized within themselves an ideological position that will extricate them from the impasse.

In order for the Hellenic People to crush the occupiers, they must perceive Hellenism as a survival strategy of the Nation and as a group evolutionary strategy of the Hellenic Race.

In order to outflank our enemies in the competition for sources of wealth and power, we ought to take a daily oath of allegiance toward the collective evolution and the collective survival.

The strategic axes upon which our propaganda must be driven are the following:

1. Building and awareness of national identity. The separation of the Hellenes from other peoples is achieved with a daily struggle of forging the national identity.

2. Zero tolerance for the enemies of Hellenism. The intolerance against anything anti-Hellenic must govern all political actions in all spheres of our social life. Tolerance must be exhibited by the enemy toward the Hellenic doctrines. Never the other way around.

3. Hellenic Continuity. The biological and cultural continuity of Hellenism requires each Hellenic generation to constitute an unbreakable link in the centuries-long chain of our Nation. Hellenic Continuity as a national dogma means the preservation of the Hellenic biological and cultural distinctiveness from foreign admixtures.

4. National Security Architecture. Hellenism must adopt the concept of structural security. We don't wait for the enemy to violate our borders, we strike him/her in his/her seat. Even before birth, promoting abortions in his/her land.

5. War through representatives. The great game in the Caucasus and Central Asia cannot leave Hellenism indifferent. Nor the military conflicts in the Middle East. Wherever we cannot intervene directly, we must intervene indirectly, reinforcing various groups that will wage war on our behalf.

6. Secession from the occupational regime. It is of our interest for the Hellenic Nation not to be lost. The Roman-like pseudo-state must be destroyed. In order for the Nation to be saved, the achievement of legal independence and political segregation of Hellenic Communities from the occupational regime is a dire necessity. 

7. Us against them. Our Worldview must separate humanity into Hellenes and non-Hellenes. Every political decision must be taken based on this perception. The others, and us. Never do we identify ourselves with the others. This identification will conclude in assimilation. And the assimilation into silent genocide.

8. Reward and punishment mechanisms. We must repair all the reward and punishment mechanisms of society. Right now, ethno-racial solidarity is punished and anti-Hellenism is rewarded. We must punish unsparingly every anti-Hellenic action, and reward the love toward ethno-racialism.

9. Construction of destructive myths for the enemies. Myth is the driving force of Civilization. Its standards are emulated by the peoples. When the enemy is allured by our destructive myths, it will reproduce its own corruption and, inevitably, the civil war within its own ranks.

10. Rewriting of History. Whoever controls the past, controls the future. We must rewrite not only Hellenic history, but also the history of our enemies. In a manner that benefits us and damages them.

11. Cultural and economic guerrilla warfare. As when we have to face a stronger military we resort to tactics of guerrilla warfare, the same applies for the cultural and economic guerrilla war against stronger enemies. We perpetually strike at smaller targets, and we take care not to gather all our forces in one battle. The destruction of the enemy's cultural monuments that affront Hellenism, the non-payment of ransoms in the form of taxes to the occupational state, constitute phases of the guerrilla war until we grow strong enough for the all-out conflict.

12. Demographic supremacy and biological integrity. For Hellenism to overcome its enemies, it needs numerical and qualitative biological supremacy. Our propaganda must extol the abundance of children and endogamy.

13. The curse of assimilation. Assimilation is silent genocide. It commences with the cultural and biological intermixture and concludes in the death of the Nation. Our propaganda must frequently stress the differentiation, uniqueness and the exclusivity of the Hellenes on earth, so that our People can view themselves as different and superior to other peoples, and to abhor assimilation and intermixture.

14. Ethical supremacy. Our propaganda must teach a memetic perception of copying and distributing Hellenic doctrines. The Hellenic doctrines must be handed down to the following generations with high replicative fidelity, in large volumes, rapidly, easily, and cheaply. Only then will we prevail against the ethical-value systems of the enemy.

15. Grand Strategy. It comprises the aggregate of factors (military, economic, demographic, cultural, etc.) that must be activated and marshalled in the global battlefield in such a way as to bring Hellenism in an advantageous position against its enemies. Grand Strategy is internationally determined by interest and power. The humanitarian perceptions about harmonious coexistence of the peoples must be eliminated from the Hellenic ideosphere in a forcible manner. They destroy the survival instincts of the Hellenic People.

16. Preventive wars. The concept of the preventive war is not restricted to the field of military. In order to crush a stronger enemy militarily, we must invade its cultural and social territories, decades (perhaps even centuries) before the final military confrontation. Either in the form of pacifist movements, or in the form of immigrants, or through art, or through education, we need to destabilize the enemy. Programs of destabilizing the enemies of Hellenism must run consecutively and target the pillars of the enemy's society (family, religion, race, economy, military, education, etc.).

17. Cultural and religious expansionism. Culture and religion constitute fields of war here for millennia. We need an almighty Hellenic cultural and theological imperium. A global outlook of things. The cultural and theological expansionism of Hellenism is equivalent to the expansion of the Nation's borders. And it must be actualized by any means, either combative or peaceful.

18. Regulation of the Hellenic life from the cradle to the grave. Hellenism embraces all spheres of social life. It interferes in every aspect of the Hellenes' lives and does not allow foreign doctrines and customs to corrupt the People.

19. Competitive culture. The objective of Hellenic Communities is to acquire privileges and immunities at the expense of their enemies. In order to achieve this, we must incorporate into our political DNA a competitive instinct, which will allow us to impose our own perception in culture and religion, without allowing hostile cultures and religions to develop at our expense.

20. Creation of social borders. Now that the anti-Hellenic, Roman-like pseudo-state has formally abolished its borders, we ought to raise social barriers as a means of salvation from the foreign invasion. The way of dress, the way of eating, keeping a separate registry just for Hellenes, the Hellenic name giving, the morals and customs, the obstruction of purchase and sale of residencies by people of other race and religion, the endogamy, the economic solidarity, the prohibition of social gatherings between Hellenes and non-Hellenes, the faith in the Ancestral Gods, erect a bunch of social borders that create dikes against the invaders, until we acquire a Hellenic state. In every Hellenic neighborhood, we must impose the Hellenic community law and Hellenic sovereignty. By any means.

21. The collective interest of the Community above the individual interest. The cultivation of the idea that the collective interest overrides the individual interest, will be achieved through education. But the shortest route is through the conjunction of individual and sectional interests with the national interest. An employer that will hire Hellenes instead of foreign employees will benefit from advertising, tax exemptions, etc. Satisfying his/her individual interest, he/she will unwittingly fulfill his/her national duty.

22. Patron-client state relationships. In order to project our power in overseas dominions, we must develop the diplomacy of state patronage. States under the protection of Hellenism. Client-states of our own demands, which will enjoy protection, alliance, and funding from Hellenism. The projection of power requires force multipliers. Good Hellenic force multipliers are the media. We must establish many foreign language broadcast media, that will diffuse our Worldview and interests across all the lengths and breadths of the earth.

23. Hellenism ought to survive under any conditions. Our evolutionary strategy must take into account that Hellenism must survive through every adversity, wiping out all its enemies. As strategic planners, we must provide Hellenism the appropriate tools for its rapid adaptation to the adverse conditions of each epoch.

24. Double standard policy. Whatever we advocate for the Hellenes, we prohibit for our enemies. We struggle to acquire rights such as the right of assembly, taking care to prohibit the assemblies of our enemies. We take care to keep our race pure, engendering racial intermixtures for our enemies. We forge the unity of the Hellenes, dismembering our enemies along class, language, religious, ethnic, cultural and racial lines.

25. Vision for a new order of things. The Hellenes must first see with the eyes of imagination the vision for a different world. The vision is made through TV films, theatrical plays, comics, painting, poetry, and song. The conversion of the vision into reality prerequires a great deal of work in the sector of imagination.

26. Our strategic values. Destiny, the inevitability of our historical course. Responsibility, for the collective survival of the Hellenic Nation. Duty, to fight to the bitter end for the following generations. Devotion, toward Hellenism. Expansionism, bloody dissemination of Hellenic doctrines. Intolerance, toward the anti-Hellenic doctrines. Justice, imposition of the Hellenic law in every Hellenic Community around the world, ousting the foreign law. Leadership, every Hellene is trained as a leader of his/her Community so that one day they can become leaders of the nations of the world.


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